Original Artworks
by Dutch contemporary artist, Eva Miedema

Expressive, bold, and emotional, Eva Miedema’s artworks are renowned for their fluent Indian ink strokes, combined with dreamy watercolor backgrounds or striking neon colors. Recently, Eva launched a solo exhibition featuring ten portraits centered on the theme of powerful women. These works are currently displayed in her atelier and at various art exhibitions across Europe.

In her art, Eva addresses themes of diversity and inclusivity, portraying a wide range of individuals. Her latest series focuses on beautiful dark-skinned women with natural hair, aiming to challenge and expand the traditionally narrow scope of art history, which has been predominantly shaped by white male artists and their subjects. Through these portraits, Miedema seeks to highlight the importance of recognizing and showcasing female artists alongside their male counterparts. She believes it’s time to rewrite and change human history to be more inclusive and representative of all people.

Eva’s artworks are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, from art cards to hand-painted upcycled denim jackets, to hand-embellished fine art prints, and original pieces. Her diverse offerings ensure that there is art accessible for everyone.

Here you’ll find artworks in all sizes and prices. From art cards, to hand painted upcycled denim jackets, to hand embelished fine art prints and the first time originals. Art for everyone.