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‘The decisions I have made in my life have led me to the path of art. Art is who I am and what I do. I have never been so free and happy as I am now. My name is Eva Miedema and I’ve created the pieces you see on this website.’ -Eva

Meet Eva

Eva is a Dutch artist (1984) who lives in Noordwijk – also known as Amsterdam Beach. This vibrant coastal village is the place where she developed her unique signature style in art. A style she has shaped after years of painting nude models. Always drawn to big brushes and more than black Indian ink, Eva portrays the subjects of her works. Indian ink is as dark as it gets and dries waterproof. Once the ink is set there is no going back. A challenge that makes creating with Indian ink unpredictable, experimental and fun. It’s an expressive and unique style of creating.

Positivity, honesty and loyalty are key words for Eva. She’s an expressive introvert with a strong-headed determination to do things her way. And this personality is reflected in her artwork. Not taking life for granted and being challenged with her own struggles in life the subject of her latest works are strong and powerful women with a touch of vulnerability. Isn’t art always a true reflection of the maker?

Eva is a blessed mom of four. Being a mom of four hasn’t always been an option for her. After giving birth to her second child, she was in severe pain and wasn’t able to walk. Doctors told her to never get pregnant again because she would end up in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. This was a sad and challenging period for her. Being a young mom of two, Eva decided a life living in fear was not for her. She trained her body and mind over the years and got stronger and stronger. Together with the love of her life she made the decision to live in positivity and think in possibilities and they tried to conceive again. It had been six years and Eva felt stronger than ever. Taking this exit in the roundabout of life led her to a pain-free and worry-free pregnancy. This gave Eva such a confidence boost that she quit her job as a primary school teacher and chose to devote her time full-time to creating art. To top it all off, they created their fourth masterpiece in this creative bulb of love and their fourth child was born in 2021.

Life-changing events bring you to who you are in your life right now. Creating art every day is what Eva really has to do. Her life, emotions and struggles, her vibrant positivity and thinking in endless possibilities reflect in each work.

Eva is an autonomous self-made artist. This gives her the opportunity to create in complete freedom. Intuitive, experimenting and challenging herself in the process. When Eva works in her studio she is in an almost meditative, dreamy state. In front of a large square piece of canvas with her favorite medium Indian ink on hand, she enters a zone she can’t even explain herself. The work reveals itself to her. She trusts the process and is always amazed at what she has just created. She puts the work aside and leaves it for a while. She feels, is around it and only then does she decides whether the work is really finished and ready to be shared with the world. Share her unspoken feelings and emotions that candid in her pieces. You are most welcome to enjoy this ride with her.

Notes from Eva


My style is bold, rough and rustic. It’s expressive, never precise or extremely detailed. When creating a piece I trust the process. The same way as I approach challenges in life: ‘Go with the flow, everything will be alright and have trust in a positive outcome.’

important person

The first and oldest power women I remember is my Granny Rose. Only 18 years old on a six week boat trip to the Netherlands, she brought some color and flavor with her. After being captivated in a Japanese internment camp, taking care of her siblings, she started a new life. Strong, proud and loving.

happy place

I love to visit the beach next to our home. Take long beach walks with my bare feet in the sand. Have drinks at a beach club. Watch the sunrise and the sunset. When you look at the horizon, you look at the end of the world. After that, there’s nothing you can see. An ultimate form of freedom.

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