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Eva Miedema | Dutch artist

Eva is known for her aesthetic works of art with strong intimate emotions that touch on themes such as diversity and inclusivity. Impressive portraits of mainly women. What is striking is the way in which Eva manages to create compelling works that immediately reach the viewer. The choice of the main medium, Indian ink, is unique. Combined with materials such as 23 carat gold leaf, she creates a flowing style with strong lines.


For this exhibition Eva created a diptych about nature and nurture. In an ongoing search about relationships and in particular the relationship between a parent and a child. Seen as a child looking at their parent and as a parent looking at their child. Part of this work is a poem Eva wrote, that’s different every time you’ll read it. Do you read it as a child or as a parent? Or are you questioning another kind of relationship?

There’s a limited edition of 20 each fine art prints available via Kiekie Foundation, 15% of all art sales go to WomenInc.


Blurred lines between us

Who am I,
who are you?
Where do you stop?
and do I start?

Which part is mine
and what part is yours?
How much of me are you,
how much of you am I?

I exist because of you,
without you
You exist because of me,
do you exist without me?

Are you me?

Note from the artist about inclusivity

Art is a universal language for everyone, an opportunity to tell our stories. it is also an opportunity to ‘read’ the stories of others. My story is a story of a third generation Indo-European in a white world. Suppression and exclusivity carry a long way through our generations. Being quiet and unnoticed, trying to fit in and not be different are long-standing issues mixed race people deal with. I portray woman to show their strength and power from within. As you can see in my latest series I’ve been drawn to the beauty of Afro hair. Exclusivity goes way back, inclusivity is today’s topic.

Love, Eva

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April 12-14th | Dokzaal * Amsterdam

June 8 & 9th | Markt onder de Linden * Noordwijk

June 14-16th | Art Laren * Laren

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