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Eva Miedema | Dutch artist

Eva is known for her large square pieces of art. Expressive bold paint strokes and dark -in your face- Indian ink combined with dreamy water colour backgrounds compliment her pieces of art. She paints strong powerful women with a touch of vulnerability. Isn’t art always a true reflection of ourselves? All artworks are displayed on this website. Get in contact for more information about Eva and her artworks.

Note from the artist about inclusivity

Art is a universal language for everyone, an opportunity to tell our stories. it is also an opportunity to ‘read’ the stories of others. My story is a story of a third generation Indo-European in a white world. Suppression and exclusivity carry a long way through our generations. Being quiet and unnoticed, trying to fit in and not be different are long-standing issues mixed race people deal with. I portray all types of woman to show their strength and power from within. As you can see in my latest series I’ve been drawn to the beauty of Afro hair. Exclusivity goes way back, inclusivity is today’s topic.

Love, Eva

New Pieces

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Upcoming events:

November 11 & 12 2023 | ‘Lucas Laat Zich Zien’ St. Lucas | Loods 6 | Amsterdam

November 19 2023 | Kunstroute KunstZinn | Noordwijk

December 7-11 2023 | MASTERS EXPO | RAI | Amsterdam

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Eva Miedema

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